Premium Consumption During Ramadan and Eid Rise 14 Percent

Premium particular use of subsidized fuel, starting July 12 until August 12, 2014 or H-15 to H +15 Idul Fitri 1435 H, will experience an increase of around 14% of the normal daily average of 91 830 80 926 KL into KL. While Solar is expected to fall 4.9% of the normal daily average of 38 628 40 626 KL into KL.

While Avtur expected to rise 8.6% of the normal daily average of 11 536 10 619 KL into KL. LPG up 8.5% of the normal daily average of 18,069 MT to 19,614 MT.

Similarly, among others, the results of the preparation of the meeting discussion Handbook of Ramadan and Idul Fitri 1435 H Oil and Gas Building, Monday (30/6). Meetings led by Director General of Oil and Gas Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources A. Edy Hermantoro and attended by representatives of the units within the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, BPH Migas, PT Pertamina and PT PGN.

Related stock of fuel in the period, for KL Premium is estimated at about 1,458,506 (17.4 days), Solar KL 1,682,542 (21.3 days), PERTAMAX 74 747 KL (40.9 days), Pertamax Plus 11 662 KL (37 , 6 days), Aviation Fuel 307 522 Cl (27.6 days) and 286 865 MT LPG (16.8 days).

In the meeting also discussed issues regarding the distribution of fuel and LPG in the fasting month and Lebaran, among others, the total congestion on some major roads such as route of Jakarta-Cikampek path to Tegal thus hindering mobility tanker Pertamina in distributing fuel and LPG.

Special LPG, ahead of Eid, households often have difficulty getting LPG because the lid supplier agencies due to homecoming.

To overcome this, PT Pertamina prepares fuel and LPG tank cars that stand by at the pump that is prone lines jammed. In addition, provided the non-subsidized fuel products in the packaging of 1, 5, 10 and 20 liters will be sold at the stalls in the northern coast path and alternate paths.

To support the sale of fuel in the packaging, the Directorate General of Oil and Gas will issue a temporary certificate of the dealer for the seller agents.

"In order for the public to know, the supply of fuel in containers should be widely publicized. It is expected that this can suppress the queue buying fuel at the pump, especially in solid lines, "said Director General of Oil and Gas A. Edy Hermantoro.

In the guide book of Ramadan and Eid 1435 H, will also be included readiness fuel supply electricity and gas to households. This meant that people who have used gas fuel for their vehicles, can still easily get it when going home to the area.

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As with previous years, this year will also be established Task Force Command Post in fuel, LPG ​​and Geological Hazard based in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. (TW)

Sony Immediate Release-Style Camera Lens QX For Xperia Z3

Sony Immediate Release-Style Camera Lens QX For Xperia Z3

Sony reportedly plans to soon release QX latest camera lens-style, which is compatible to the Sony Xperia Z3.

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Reporting from XperiaBlog, to lens-style camera Sony DSC-DSC-QX100 QX10 and has launched the Sony at the IFA 2013 event in August last year, so it would not be entirely surprising to see models-style camera lens technology that will be launched at IFA 2014 will have a “similarity” with the predecessor.

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Many people are predicting that the new model will support a 30x zoom, and the dimensions are more slim than its predecessor.

But so far there has been no further information about the specifications of the Sony, exact release date, and price-style camera lens for the Xperia Z3.


YouTube criticized because the Apply Policy Paid Streaming

YouTube criticized because the Apply Policy Paid Streaming

CALIFORNIA - independent music trade community condemned YouTube over music streaming service policy that will be applied Goolge subsidiaries in the near future .
During this time , YouTube is known as a source of audio- visual services the largest online free of charge or free , but reports indicate the company was planning to make a paid service to compete directly with services like Spotify , a streaming provider based in Sweden paid .

The policy reads that YouTube would charge USD5 funds ( with ads ) to $ 10 ( without ads ) to its users .

Launched by Bworldonline , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) , the Worldwide Independent Network ( WIN ) disappointed Lantara YouTube removes video content belongs to them , unless they follow the policies are applied . WIN is an organization that represents the global independent music community .

Earlier it was reported that the YouTube has negotiated with several major companies such as Sony , Warner , and Universal associated with the policy decision . But not yet come to terms with the number of independent labels .

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Meanwhile, the WIN explains , contracts currently offered by sites such didirkan in 2005 , the independent label , it does not benefit them .

" Our members are a small company that relies on multiple streams of income is invested for new talent , " said Alison Wenham , CEO of WIN . Naturally, Alison said this is not a fair way of doing business .


Amien Rais: To Win, Use of Mental Badr!

Chairman of the Central Advisory Council of the National Mandate Party, Amien Rais said his party had not thought about the position of minister in the coalition that carries Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa . He said , the PAN will use the mental battle of Badr in the face of this presidential election .

" FIRST struggle rather than to divide the spoils of war , " said Amien citing the spirit of the Battle of Badr , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) . " Do not ( mentally ) Uhud , wani guy or how will the spoils of war , " he added , in the Great Mosque of Al - Azhar , Jakarta .

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Amien said , soldiers in the Battle of Uhud has conceded that self-interest oriented world . In the Battle of Uhud , he said , not a soldier fighting for truth and justice , but for the sake of the spoils of war .

Instead , Amien said that the struggle of the soldiers in the Battle of Badr was a sincere honor to defend themselves and the country. Therefore , Amien said , it can be grasped victory in the Battle of Badr .

As Muslims , Amien also recommends the use of mentality instead of Badr Battle of Uhud . ” So , if you start forward ( as in intention ) Uhud , Allah willing, defeated . If ( as in intention ) of Badr , the who , the minister who , it was later , God willing, this time we won , ” said former Chairman of the PAN .

National Mandate Party joined with five other political parties support Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa as a presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate . Five other parties in this axis is Indonesia Movement Party , PKS , Golkar Party , the United Development Party , and the Crescent Star Party .


"Why Deputy Governor say that?"

Observers of political communication Tjipta Lesmana regretted the attitude of the Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama Tjahaja the unrelenting attack of PT Jakarta Monorail ( JM ) .

According to him , should not underestimate any attempt PT Basuki JM who intends to build a mass transportation facility , in an effort to unravel the congestion in the capital .

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" It was obvious hatred for PT JM . He said ’ wait for me to be governor ." How a deputy governor so ngomongnya ? ‘s As if ’ so I became governor , I gorok PT JM ya ’ , "said Tjipta Kompasiana perched together in the event of PT JM , in Kuningan City , Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

According Tjipta , political communication style PT Basuki against JM reflect any friction between him and his boss , Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo who has always put his trust in PT JM .

Moreover , said Tjipta , Basuki also once said , he is more trusting state-owned company , Adhi Karya , PT JM rather than to build the monorail project . In fact , Adhi Karya is a company allegedly involved in the scandal played sports center construction project in Bukit Hambalang , Bogor , West Java .

" So , the monorail project should not be given to them ( Adhi Karya ) . ‘ll Even be Hambalang - it again , " he said .


KPK: Used for Hajj Quota Time Officials

KPK find indications for the rest of Haj quota for the benefit of officials in the Ministry of Religious Affairs . Allegedly , the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali Haj utilizing an initial deposit of funds by public officials to pay for the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion .

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" Such was the case , " said KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto via text message on Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) , when asked whether the rest of the Haj quota used for the benefit of officials .

Bambang hoping determination Suryadharma as suspects in the alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012/2013 could bring changes to improve the overall Hajj services in the future. Thus , Bambang said , expected no more use of the remaining quota is not for the benefit of Haj pilgrims .

" And there is no appointment PPIH ( hajj organizing committee ) who are not professional because it is nepotism and not in accordance with , " he said .

Bambang said , corruption organizing hajj harm and wounding prospective pilgrims . During this time , he said , pilgrims are taken care of by the government facilities are. In addition to funding penggunaa undue Hajj , KPK suspect inflate the price associated with the delivery of Hajj 2012/2013 .

KPK deputy chairman Zulkarnain said the alleged price bubbles made ​​with regard to lodging, transportation , and procurement of catering . ” There are funds paid are not appropriate . Expensiveness , ” said Zulkarnain .

KPK ensnare Suryadharma with Article 2 Paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication (Corruption ) in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 65 of the Criminal Code One . Chairman of the United Development Party is under sentence of life imprisonment .

Elements in Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the Act , among others , is to enrich themselves , others , or financial harm or corporation and the state ‘s economy . The elements in Article 3 of Corruption Act one of them abuse their authority .


Disallow Ahok towers Investment

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , until recently , many public housing occupants are reluctant to take care of her new identity , according rusunawa address which he occupied . Basuki judge , people like these are prone to invest in buying and selling towers.

" The problem right in the towers that many investment and nyewain . VAW If asked to move , he ‘s the reason it ‘s just for a temporary residence . Temporary If ya do not live in the towers dong , legislation requires that it stay in the flat are citizens of Jakarta , " said Basuki at the City Hall , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

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Therefore , Basuki confirmed that he would force the entire public housing occupants to immediately clean up her new ID card matches the address that he occupied high-rise apartments . He also claimed to have instructed the Department of Population and Civil Registration in order to facilitate the process.

Basuki said he would not hesitate to evict public housing dwellers who do not want to obey the rules .

" Just to be sorted out in June . Which living in flats must KTP Jakarta all . If you want to move out of the flat out , difficult for me . I should ask first if they already have a house what is not . If it has , then he can not be flat anymore , " explained the man who is familiarly called Ahok it .

City government -owned public housing intended for citizens who previously evictees live along the banks of the Kali and Reservoir . Some public housing belonging to the city government that currently has functioned is Marunda towers and towers Muara Baru ( North Jakarta ) , as well as towers and towers Pinus Komaruddin Elegant ( East Jakarta ) .


ILO: Sex Workers, Peasants, and Household Assistant, Enrich “boss” was Rp 1.725 T year

Of sex workers , farm workers , to household assistant , every year ” forced to work ” around the world by providing ” income ” of 150 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 1,725 ​​trillion a year as an illegal profits for their bosses .

International Labour Organisation ( ILO ) , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) , said there are about 21 million men , women , and children in the world who get caught in the mechanism of ” forced labor ” that , by becoming a prostitute , diperdagangangkan , get into debt , or work in conditions not unlike slavery .

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" Forced labor is bad for business and development , especially for the victims , " said the head of the ILO’s Guy Ryde . He emphasized the practice of " forced labor " is basically evil but very profitable for certain circles , so it should be eradicated as soon as possible .

In its report , the ILO said that there are 18.7 million people in the world an ayang forced to work hard in the private sector company profits reached 150.2 billion U.S. dollars, or more than Rp 1,725 ​​trillion a year .

Two pertinga of the nominal , the ILO report says , comes from sexual exploitation . The rest came from the economic system that exploits the household assistant and a laborer. The data of this figure , refer to the ILO , was researched in 2012 .

" Employers are evil and criminals reap huge profits from illegal income from labor , " the UN agency said . A total of 2.2 persons also , added the ILO , working for the state , including in the military prison .

It can not be anything

Among all of the data that the victim , call the ILO , 5.5 million of whom are children . ” Many people do not get anything , ” said Beate Andrees , head of the ILO’s program to combat forced labor .

Asia - Pacific , called Andrees , is home to more than half of forced labor around the world . The figure was about 11.7 , with revenue for the employer valued at 51.8 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 600 trillion a year . African continent into the next sequence which is the basis of forced labor 3.7 , followed by Latin America and Cuba with 1.8 million forced laborers .

As in developed countries was also found that the presence of approximately 1.5 million people who work but not paid commensurate with his skills , becoming the second highest number of forced labor practices that bring benefits to his bosses worth of 46.9 billion U.S. dollars , equivalent to Rp 540 trillion year . From the Middle East , forced labor rate is estimated at 600,000 people .

Andrees said there have been improvements to reduce the number of forced labor . However , he said , is now needed is a focus on socio-economic factors that make people vulnerable to forced labor in the private sector .

Corinne Vargha ILO experts say the group that produces the Forced Labour Convention in 1930 , primarily addressed the issue of forced labor in the state sector , not yet complete . Protocols are currently being developed to extend this convention is also addressing the problem of forced labor in the private sector . The issues on the agenda of the ILO general assembly pad May 28 to June 12, 2014 .


This chronology Alphard “wandering” to lobby Juanda until Kills Toddler Son

Toyota Alphard black police number S 1771 NG rammed three year old child that died in the lobby of Terminal 2 Juanda International Airport , Surabaya , on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) ( Read : ” wandering ” to lobby Juanda Airport , Alphard Hit Childhood to Death ) . The following chronology submitted by the Head of Surabaya Polrestabes Satlantas Tommy Ferdiyan AKP .

Before wandering into the lobby floor of Terminal 2 Juanda , a passenger in the car was lowered gate arrival .

( Read: burung kacer )

" After dropping off passengers , the driver then gunned the engine . Allegedly , the steering wheel still in position leaning to the left , " he said at the scene .

The car ride to the lobby floor and hit a pole building , where there is a victim , Mohammed Rafi ( 3 ) , and his mother , Mina ( 20 ) , as well as a few others . After crashing into pole buildings , cars kept going to the left and crashed into the wall next to the arrival gate .

" The victim was dragged toddler car , before the car hit the wall , " he added .

The victim is known as the Ten East Village residents , District of Ketapang , Sampang district , was then rushed to a nearby hospital , but was not helped . Meanwhile , the victim’s mother rushed to the hospital , with a wound in his leg ( Read : Alphard ” wandering to lobby Juanda , Mother Toddler Reportedly Broken Bones ) .


PPP cadres Admits There are Prabowo Signed Letter of Support

In a meeting coriander PPP, Suryadharma Ali and DPW chairman Prabowo pencapresan outstanding letters of support. Although SDA deny, cadres who attended the meeting confirmed the existence of the letter.

"There (letter)," said the Chairman of the business, PPP, Marathi Abel after the ceremony at Hotel JS Luwansa, Jalan Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Friday (05/02/2014).

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He confirmed the existence of the points expressed support for Prabowo in the letter. “Letter was a confirmation of the above steps and select the policy that pack the chairman,” he said.

He confirmed that the letter was only given during the meeting. There is no compulsion to sign the letter. But all leaders present DPW agreed to sign the letter.

"Everything signatures. Letter that belonged to the DPP now," he continued.

According to the letter regular mail only. Did not have any strength.

"Letter usual. All normative point and it’s like regular mail only no value," he continued.

In the letter, the first point stated in the plan support Prabowo, fully handing the preparation of the presidential cabinet post as coriander and support SDA branch of the PPP until 2015. Prior to the event, from the room had heard cries of ‘Living … Living Prabowo Prabowo’.