Evidence Acquisition Scenario BTN by Old Self

Evidence Acquisition Scenario BTN by Old Self
Wacth Indonesia Property ( IPW ) deeply regrets turns BTN acquisition scenario is a scenario that has been prepared since long .

Namely , starting from the former president of Bank BTN , followed by replacement of three old BTN directors , in which two former directors of the bank placed too .

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" Comments Governor of Bank Indonesia ( Agus Martowardojo ) who said that the acquisition must be willing buyers and willing sellers must have been scripted long ago , " said Ali Tranghanda IPW Members in a statement in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) .

With the composition of the board of directors BTN current step will pave the relevant parties to get approval from the board of directors BTN , although there should be one more requirement forgotten that the BTN workers and employees must also be asked to approve the acquisition plan .

Besides the House should be able to think nationally people’s to give approval of the acquisition . In spite of it all we hoped for the best. ” Not only for the bank but also for the BTN , ” he explained .


Sohibul: Hadi Purnomo Known as “The Strong” Directorate General of Taxation

Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Sohibul Faith admitted that a number of members of the Board have been kissed ” bad smell ” on the nomination Hadi Purnomo in the selection of Supreme Audit Board members in the House of Representatives in September 2009 . Hadi , a former Director General of Taxes , Ministry of Finance considered the record gets skewed .

" At that time , she was known as the ’ strong man ’ Directorate General of Taxation . Robust in situ have a pejorative meaning . There is a sense he is very powerful in taxes , " said Sohibul when contacted on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) , addressing the determination of the suspect Hadi by the Corruption Eradication Commission .

PKS politician was said , because Hadi was the strong and long in the Directorate General of Taxation , there are allegations of abuse of authority . This information , call Sohibul , even such common knowledge in the Parliament and the Directorate General of Taxation .

" However , the new information . ‘s No way in a short time of selection , we await evidence that the legal process is long . We also should not judge people because of its info- still so vague about it , " said former Vice Chairman of Commission XI of this .

For information , Hadi was elected along with six others became members of the CPC on 12 September 2009 after serving on the Commission XI selection .

Sohibul admitted , when the information Hadi ” strong man ” is already known to everyone . At the time of the election , Hadi get 43 votes and it was placed in the second rank . Obtain the most votes is Hasan Bisri , with 44 votes . The rest , Chief Representative of CPC Gunawan Sidauruk West Java ( 32 votes ) ; member of Commission XI of the PAN , Rizal Djalil ; member of the Audit Committee of PT Dahana , Moermahadi Soeja Djanegara ; former Chairman of the Commission , Taufiequrrachman Ruki ; and Secretary General of the Commission Darma Bakti .

Commission set Hadi Purnomo , as the former Director General of Tax , as a corruption suspect tax appeal letter PT Bank Central Asia Tbk in 2003. Hadi named as a suspect for allegedly abusing his authority as the Director General of Taxation after receiving all requests BCA Tbk PT tax objection over non-performing transactions loans (NPLs ) of Rp 5.7 trillion .

The case stems from taxes by filing an objection letter BCA on June 17, 2003 . Against the objection that , on March 13, 2004 , the Director General of Taxation Income Tax sending an introductory letter to the Director General of Taxation treatise objection which was held Hadi . The covering letter containing the results of research paper and research paper conclusion objections and suggestions to the Director General of Taxation Hadi as to refuse tax objection BCA .

However , on June 18, 2004 or one day before the due date to give a decision on the objection taxes BCA , Hadi ordered the Director of Income Tax as the official reviewers’ objections through the Directorate General of Taxation memos dated June 17, 2004 to change the results of research paper conclusions and suggestions taxpayer objected BCA Tbk PT .

According to the Commission , through memos , Hadi appealed to the Director of Income Tax , as the official reviewers , in order to alter the conclusions be received all objections . Because memos Director General of Taxation who received the BCA tax appeal letter was published the day before the due date to give a decision on the request of the Bank , the Director of Income Tax does not have enough time and opportunity to respond to the memos .

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Hadi issued memos to receive the BCA tax objection ignores the fact that the same material was also filed objections a number of other banks and decided rejected . Hadi ‘s top act , the state allegedly suffered loss of Rp 375 billion . The calculation comes from the potential tax that should be paid by the Bank .


Presidential Election Syria criticized the West and the Arab World

DAMASCUS - The Syrian government officially announced on June 3 as the Presidential election . Determination of the date of the criticism from the West and the Arab countries .

According to the Arab countries and the West , Syrian Presidential election is a travesty of democracy . Not only that , when Syria insisted presidential elections , the efforts of peace talks will be destroyed .

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" This is a state in which reality had separated , he ( Assad ) does not have any legitimacy either before or after the election is held theatrical , " said a representative of the National Coalition Opposition supported the West , Monzer Akbik , as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday ( 22 / 4/2014 ) .

Statement of Akbek also received support from the UN and the U.S. . Secretary -General ( Secretary General ) Ban Ki Moon declared the election to be held in Syria does not comply with the spirit of the Geneva peace talks .

While the U.S. , through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman them , Jen Psaki said the Assad regime will not be able to hold a presidential election with a fair , free and credible .

Bashar Al Assad is a controversial figure of the president are assessed by western world . Because Syria since the civil war going on already 150 thousand citizens who died


USD 10 Million to UN Rated winners in Bengkulu

Acting Head of Department of Education, Rejang Lebong , Bengkulu , Zakaria Effendi , said that junior high school students winning top marks in the National Examination ( UN ) will get a prize of Rp 10 million . For the second and third set of coaching prize money amounting to Rp 7.5 million and Rp 5 million .

" We pay tribute in the form of money for the top three ranked sec- Rejang Lebong , " said Zakaria , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

The same thing , he added , applies to the UN ‘s highest winning score and high school level or equivalent that has lasted .

UN to junior high and equal in Rejang Lebong is created on May 5 to May 8, 2014 . Meanwhile , UN SMP preparations have been completed and just waiting for its implementation .

Zakaria urged the Grade 3 students learn to focus and do not carry out activities that may damage the concentrations studied in dealing with the UN in May.

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" To the parents too , we ask to guide their children in order to focus on learning , and do not let their children go out at night or do an activity that is not useful outside the home , " he added .


Muslim Travel Trends in Asia

The roads out of the country is fun. In some Asian countries, for example, visitors can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, the breadth of the Imperial Palace in China, and the magnificent tower skyscraper Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

However, the operators of tourist services in the three countries acknowledged that attract tourists from Indonesia, mainly Muslim, had become a challenge.

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In fact, as Indonesia’s economic growth increasing, more and more people from this country who want to travel abroad.
In the past many Muslim tourists Indonesia is difficult to find places to eat kosher in Japan, China, and Taiwan. Then the Muslim tourists also having trouble finding a place to worship during the tour.

The constraints that were recently addressed by the government and local tour operators in Japan, China, and Taiwan.
They began to aggressively promote tourism Muslims. Not only introduces Muslim tourist attractions, there are many steps that have been made in order to provide safety and comfort for Muslim travelers.

Starting from opening restaurants serving halal dishes, build a place of worship to work closely with a number of special needs accommodations for Muslim guests.

As is known, in Taiwan there are 60 thousand people who embraced Islam. No wonder the Muslim-majority Indonesia travelers became one of the targets of tourism promotion.

It is also based on the number of tourists visiting Indonesia in 2013 ago. Amounted to 171 299 people. This number increased by 4.71 percent compared to the year 2012 recorded 163 598 people.

"In Southeast Asia, the number of tourists from Indonesia who visited Taiwan in recent years ranked as the third largest," said the head of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (Teto), Zhang Liang Jen met at Sari Pan Pacific, Jakarta.

Zhang also said that many travel agents tour Taiwan that opened to facilitate the travel of Muslim travelers who wish to visit the country. A series of tourist destinations, lodging until the food has been prepared in order for Muslim tourists friendly.

Not only is it well made flexible tour schedule and make time for tourists from praying the five daily prayers.

"Like many Asian countries, Taiwan has a unique culture and many beautiful natural attractions. So many activities to do the tourists who come to it," said Zhang.

According to him, many Indonesian tourists who love to shop in the country. Many products that were cheaper. Culinary roadside or any Taiwanese street food is the main attraction.
For a tourist destination, Muslim travelers can choose to visit historical places one of them National Palace Museum. Collection of Islamic relics older than the old relic in Indonesia.


Not only Taiwan, Japan also has first Muslim to promote tourism. The country has started since a few years ago, in order to encourage their tourism potential.

However, the concentration is providing kosher food. The Japanese government even doing some study on halal food in some perfekturnya.

Actually, almost all the tourist areas in Japan to Muslim tourists. However, there is one particular area that serve Muslim tour package, the Yamanashi Prefecture.

For information, the prefecture known as the ‘home of Fuji Mountain’ and can be reached by train for one and a half hours from Tokyo.

Japan also announced that it will soon build a prayer room at their international airports. Not only that, the restaurant that sells halal food was also prepared at the airport. This is because the airport is expected to be a representative for Muslim travelers, in order to see that their needs have been met.

Not to stop there, Japan is also a lot to build partnerships with a number of travel agencies in Indonesia to streamline tourism promotion of the Muslims.

"To carry kosher tour in Japan, we have to cooperate with the Japanese tour operators who have obtained certification and receive supervision from Japan Halal Association (JHA), so the start of the planning process, to the implementation of a tour conducted in accordance with the sharia," as written in one Indonesian travel agent website.

Indonesian travel agent who is working with the Japanese government is also required to be a member of JHA in which they jointly carry the mission to promote tourism in Japan by offering halal standards and high-quality service for Muslim tourists who want to visit Japan.

No wonder Japan is so excited, because it is considered a Muslim travelers considerable potential to increase tourist arrivals to the country.

Until now, there were approximately 28,000 people of Muslim travelers from Indonesia and Malaysia to visit Japan. From these results known to rise 40 percent from a year earlier.

Cherry country is targeting 2020, coinciding with the implementation of the Summer Olympics, Japan has been able to accommodate all the needs of Muslim travelers.


In China alone, has also been promoted tourist Muslims since a few years ago. In addition to providing kosher restaurants and eating places, the government of this country as well as heavily promoting a number of interesting tourist destinations Muslims in one of the Ningxia region, inhabited predominantly Muslim region of China.

In this place there is a Muslim village named New Mosleem Village, home to ethnic Hui Muslim Chinese population. In these villages, all occupants wearing Muslim clothing. Here tourists can observe their daily life and visit the Muslim school-girls.

Not only that, there are also other popular tourist destinations such as the Muslim gold-domed mosque, Najia Great Mosque, the largest mosque in Yinchuan, Ningxia. Other Destinations is the Yellow River, Zhongwei. Travelers will be invited to cross the river in one of the tourist spots of Muslims, namely Hongbao Tourist Site.

Here are the Chinese Yellow River altar shows the architecture of ancient Chinese culture blend with Muslims where one gate has a dome-like mosque. (Ren)


How to Telkom’s Fast Internet Presents Indie Home

Package IndiHome PT Telkom internet connection is now becoming available in the form of a bundle that combines three types of service provider telecommunications facilities , namely Speedy internet connection via fiber optic network Fiber to the Home ( FTTH ) , IP TV usee TV , and home phone .

All three combined in three package types IndiHome ( Pro , Star , and Star Plus ) , each of which contains a combination of services and different connection speeds , from 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps .

Indie Home require large bandwidth to ensure the services run smoothly . To that end , Telkom uses fiber-optic network that could be much faster internet connection and other services can run smoothly .

FTTH optical fiber network is being built in stages , especially to replace the old network that does not have enough bandwidth for high-speed internet service that is used as the foundation IndieHome services , including telephone ( voice over IP ) .

According to Vice President of Public Relations of PT Telkom Arif Prabowo , Telkom IndiHome services that rely on fiber optic network has been able to reach out to customers across Indonesia .

Arif added that fiber optic cables do not have to actually reach the customer’s home , but simply to house wiring or terminal wiring which connects customers in an area with a major network of Telkom .

" Well , the cable from the house to the customer can still use copper wires , " Arief said when contacted by Kompas Tekno .

Added to him , Telkom took the experience of Groovia TV , internet television service ( IPTV ) belonging to the company which has been launched in 2011 .

" In some places , Groovia require high bandwidth are not fulfilled by the network , so a lot of consumers who complain . Finally we decided to change the brand so usee TV , " said Arif .

On price , the packages are offered at a cost IndiHome subscription fee that is competitive compared to similar service providers in the market , namely from Rp 185,000 per month for the bundle ” Pro ” to $ 675,000 per month for ” Star Plus ” with an Internet connection up to 20 Mbps .

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Arif said he deliberately set a low price to get the maximum volume of customers to reduce operating costs . ” We tried to keep the price seterjangkau possible , ” he said .


He’s the vice presidential Four Carried CLA

DPP Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Helmy Faisal Zaini said it leaves the decision to the vice-presidential candidate pengusungan PDI or Gerindra , as a party that is likely to lead a coalition .

" Our position awaiting Problem vice coalition leader ( PDIP or Gerindra ) , " Helmy said in Jakarta on Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

Helmy said the CLA still communicate with PDIP and Gerindra . According to him , the certainty with whom PKB coalition will be announced in the near future by both parties .

What is clear , says Helmy , the coalition that CLA will offer four names that could be carried by a vice , among others, Muhaimin Iskandar , Rhoma Irama , Mahfud MD and Jusuf Kalla .

" We just pass the ball alone . Whatever coalition party leader if the ball would be shot immediately or if it would be processed first , " he said . He explained the decision not to impose position CLA presidential candidate electability because of the possibility offered by CLA could decrease .

" The names that we offer the right initially to be carried as a candidate. Presidential and vice presidential But the market is different , in the sense that when a presidential candidate elektabilitasnya can be high , but so be low running mate , " he said .

He said that while not imposing running mate position , but the CLA requires power sharing ” power sharing ” of the coalition party leaders later .
According to Helmy , power-sharing has been a common occurrence in a country that adheres to a modern democracy .

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" I call it ’ power -sharing ’ as if it referred to the political horse-trading becomes less good , " he said .


Asus Zenfone Pitch in the country, Specifications & price

Having successfully dominated the notebook market in Indonesia with a market share of 27.3% (based on data from GfK 2014), original manufacturer Asus has now started to seriously explore the smartphone business.

As proof of their seriousness, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih with Asus CEO Jerry Shen has finally officially launched the Asus product line Zenfone for Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. New line of smartphones made by Asus that is available in three screen sizes, namely 4, 5 and 6 inches.

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"We are proud to present Zenfone Asus product line to the market of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Zenfone We create with passion ‘in search of a credible’, because the best technology is the technology that can be used by everyone. We strive to deliver a phone that can dinikmatei by all people, "said Jonney Shih at the launching event of the Asus Zenfone which took place today, Tuesday (04/15/2014), at the Pullman Hotel, Jakarta.

Asus Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 inches has been equipped with the Intel Atom which is claimed to have high efficiency and performance. In addition, they also carry two flagship features, the interface and camera technology PixelMaster ZenUI made by Asus. Not to forget the third screen has also used a third-generation Gorilla Glass technology for better durability against scratches.

Asus ZenFone 4 (USD 1.099 million)

ZenFone 4 has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. This smartphone is very easy to be personalized because the back cover can be exchanged with a choice of colors Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, Sky Blue and Solar Yellow. Of sectors are already available camera VGA front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera.

Zenfone 4 has an internal memory size of 4GB MicroSD card and supports up to 64GB. To spur the kitchen sector already available Intel Atom Z2520 CPU, quad-core 1.2 GHz. While the operating system is Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean).

Asus ZenFone 5 (USD 2.099 million)

ZenFone 5 has a 5-inch screen size HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The design is very attractive, with a thickness of only 5.5 millimeters at its thinnest point. ZenFone 5 itself is available in a choice of colors Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, Champagne Gold and Twilight Purple colors. The main camera itself berkekutan 8 megapixels and the front camera of 2 megapixels

In terms of performance, the engine Zenfone 5 equipped with quad-core CPU with a speed of 2 GHz of Intel Atom Z2580, 1 GB of RAM supported. Performance which is owned Asus Zenfone 5 offset by Android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean is in sure will get an upgrade to Android Kitkat.

Asus ZenFone 6 (USD 3.099 million)

Phablet Zenfone 6 offers a 6 inch screen HD IPS + 720 × 1280 pixels, and is equipped with SonicMaster audio technology to bring the entertainment experience is quite good. While the main camera of 13 megapixel and 2 megapixel front camera. Beyond that, the specification of Zenfone 6 Zenfone similar to 5.


Amazon 3D Smartphone Release This June

The rumors that Amazon wants to make the phone itself seems to be a reality . The Wall Street Journal reported, Amazon will announce the presence of the mobile phone in June this year and marketed in September 2014.
Still according to the Journal , Amazon has demonstrated a prototype of this phone in San Francisco and Seattle in recent weeks . Interestingly , the phone is capable of displaying 3D content without the use of special glasses .

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Unlike the three- dimensional technology developed by Nintendo for the 3DS console , a device developed Amazon prefers merging retinal plus tracking technology with planted four cameras at once into the device in order to obtain the desired 3D effect . Patent that describes it has been revealed by Amazon last year .
If Amazon really smart ponsle release , they certainly must be ready to fight with a number of manufacturers that have already jumped into the same industry , such as Apple , Samsung and others . Not long ago , Amazon has also entered the market set- top box that will compete with Apple TV and Roku .
In the year 2011 , in order to compete with the Play Store , Amazon has launched its own application store aimed at the Kindle tablet users . Until now , the app store already has a collection of more than 200,000 .


Report MH370 Hijacked Russian newspaper Unknown Terrorist

RUSSIA - A Russian newspaper has reported that Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight hijacked by ” unknown terrorists ” and flown to Afghanistan , where the crew and passengers were held hostage .

Comment this incredible appear and is associated with the Russian intelligence sources . This report appeared in the Russian -owned newspaper , Moskovsky Komsomolets . Similarly, as reported by the Mirror , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

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The source told the newspaper , ” Malaysia Airlines MH370 Aircraft missing on March 8 with 239 passengers has been hijacked . “

" The pilot was not at fault , the plane was hijacked by terrorists is not known . We know that the name of the terrorist who gave instructions to the pilots is ’ Hitch ’ , " the source told the Russian media reported .

" The aircraft is in Afghanistan . Was not far from Kandahar and close to the border with Pakistan , " the newspaper said .

According to The Daily Star , Moskovsky Komsomolets also claimed that the passenger has been divided into seven groups and live in mud huts with hardly any food .

In addition , 20 passengers from Asia is said to have been smuggled into a bunker in Pakistan . The newspaper also claimed that terrorists might try to bargain with the U.S. or China .

The news may not be surprising , because the report has not been confirmed by the authorities , either in Malaysia or China .